Composer for screen or stage

Rena Poling is a composer, experienced music instructor, studio conductor, audio mixer/editor, singer/songwriter, and pianist. On some Sundays she enjoys mixing live audio at Blythefield Hills Baptist Church.


Rena hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan; she earned her Masters in music in 2014 at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Institute, studying film music composition with Hummie Mann.

She received her Bachelors degree in music composition from the University of Michigan's School of Music, Theater and Dance in 2013. 


She writes in a wide variety of styles:


classical, jazz, pop, folk, sacred harp, tango, electronic, film scores, musical theater, modern concert music, video game soundtracks, church music


~ Software ~


  Finale 2013

  Sibelius 7

  Digital Performer 8

  FMOD Studio

  Protools 10

 Logic 9, X




~ Hardware ~


  Analog - Allen and Heath ML 5000

  Digital - Allen and Heath iLive 112, iLiveT-112



The music of Rena Poling has been performed nationally and globally, including: Seattle (WA), Ann Arbor (MI), Grand Rapids (MI), Waynesville (NC), Cincinnati (OH), Chicago (IL), and Oxford (England).


"I write music in an attempt to be faithful with the gifts that God has given me, that my music might bring glory to God and refreshment to the human soul."





Rena would like to thank the many instructors who have helped her along the way, and her awesome brothers for this website.


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