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Rena Steed (b. 1991) hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan; she earned her Bachelors degree in music composition from the University of Michigan's School of Music, Theater and Dance, and is now working in the shadows of Seattle, at the Pacific North West Film Scoring Institute, studying film music composition with Hummie Mann.

Rena Steed has had works performed in Seattle (WA), Ann Arbor (MI), Grand Rapids (MI), Waynesville (NC), Cincinnati (OH), Chicago (IL), and Oxford (England).

Rena has written music for a full length musical, short films, video promos, video games, recitals, promotion concerts, art showcases, worship services, and weddings. 

She writes music in an attempt to be faithful with the gifts that God has given her, that her music might bring glory to God and refreshment to the human soul.


Rena would like to thank her awesome brothers for this we